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Committed to restoring your sleep - resulting in a healthier physical and mental performance level.

Our trained, dedicated professionals work relentlessly to make the therapy comfortable and best suited for each individual.
If you have been searching for high quality and personal service, you will be in the right hands at
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All-in-all, this entire experience was a testament to a group of professionals, from Dr. Hudson and his staff to the staff of ParkCrest Medical and  The Sleep Center, taking a true interest in the needs of this patient and working together to solve them in a highly professional and caring manner!

-R.J.   Austin, TX
Enjoy the ability to have a true "one stop shop" experience!  Yes, one place to diagnose and treat your sleep apnea or other sleep related disorder!  Appointments may be scheduled with our renowned restorative sleep experts J. Douglas Hudson, MD, D-ABSM or Greg R. Tempest,MD, D-ABSM at Sleep Medicine Consultants. in Suite 310.
Located downstairs in Suite 200 is our 5 star hotel-chic sleep center - The Sleep Center of Austin and The Sleep Store. 
 The Sleep Center
The three of you are my heroes! They spent an hour with me. Got me a smaller headgear, gave me a new mask, new hose and best of all, they had me put the mask on, lie down, and customized all of my machine settings. Parkcrest is the place for me from now on. I have never felt more valued as a customer/patient I can’t thank you enough for working so hard to make the BiPAP and mask so comfortable and get my apnea treated properly. You are the BOMB!...

 -D.H.  Austin, TX 

It's terrific that everything I will ever need is in one place. LOVE the new machine. It will make travel so much easier. Am adjusting to the new mask and think it will do great for me. Love seeing the "happy face" on the display every morning. 

Thanks again for helping me with a new pain specialist and a new equipment source. 

 -P.C.  Austin, TX