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Personalized Services for Your Sleep Apnea Journey

ParkCrest Medical Supply is dedicated to providing a complete range of services to support CPAP therapy patients on their journey to better sleep and better health. We go beyond simply delivering home medical equipment; we focus on ensuring every patient receives personalized attention, education, and ongoing support throughout their therapy journey. We're here to help patients achieve better sleep and improved health. Get in touch with us today via contact form or by calling (512) 600-5897.

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Our PAP Therapy Services

One-on-One CPAP Education and Training:

Our patients receive one-on-one education on their sleep disorders and comprehensive training on their new equipment. Our experienced sleep coaches create a friendly and warm atmosphere, making patients feel right at home.


Patient Setups and CPAP Mask Fittings:

With a focus on mask comfort and compliance, we take the time to fit masks to your preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for optimal therapy effectiveness.

We offer in-person fittings by appointment as well as a virtual link that asks common questions and takes pictures of your face in order to make sizing and mask recommendations. We also offer a 30-day mask guarantee on all mask purchases. If you aren't satisfied with a mask, you have 30 days from the purchase date to swap the mask out for a different size or style and there is no additional cost if done in that 30 days.

Sleep Coaches Provide Ongoing Support:

Our commitment to your well-being extends beyond equipment setup. Our dedicated sleep coaches work directly with patients to improve their health, provide comfort, and ensure compliance. With personalized guidance, we help you overcome challenges, address concerns, and achieve optimal sleep apnea therapy results.

Convenient CPAP Resupply Options:

We offer pickup or mail service for both 30-day and 90-day resupply orders. Ensuring uninterrupted therapy, our efficient resupply process ensures that you have access to the necessary equipment and supplies for your sleep apnea therapy. Click on the link to reorder your supplies today. If you choose shipping, there may be an additional charge which will be your responsibility.

PAP Compliance Support:

ParkCrest Medical Supply is the highest-rated DME in the region for compliance. Our sleep coaches and dedicated staff members work closely with patients to ensure comfort and help them stay on track for the best results and continued health improvement. We’re committed to helping you maintain therapy compliance and achieve optimal outcomes.

Local and Bilingual Services:

As a locally owned and operated business in Austin, Texas, we are deeply rooted in our community. Our staff includes bilingual members proficient in English and Spanish, ensuring effective communication and personalized care for a diverse patient population.

Acceptance of Major Insurance Plans:

We accept and work with most major insurance plans and offer private pay options, ensuring that no patient is left behind. Our team assists with insurance verifications, simplifying the process for patients and facilitating access to the sleep apnea services they need.

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